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1st Quarterly Report 2018.

1. Companions .

vbHappy days with his new family (2-legged and 4-legged)


A great day for little Pipo, leaving on February 19 this year, adopted by Spanish tourists

Sterilizations :

We were invited for the sixth time to El Nido on February 17 and 18. For the first time, as our two usual veterinarians were unavailable, we had the pleasure of working with a group from Manila, very active in sterilization: the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation. We were able to sterilize 50 female dogs, 24 males, 6 female cats and 4 males. All expenses were shouldered by a very generous sponsor. Judith Distal lived up to her reputation as an organizer and introduced our organizer, Mariglo Laririt, to the work of secretary.

Elsewhere, the founder came across a pregnant dog on the pavement in Manila. She drew this dog to the attention of her old friend the president of CARA and the next day the dog was taken to the CARA clinic where this very active organization sterilized and inoculated her.

Cattery :

Five kittens abandoned, found in the street near the cattery. Not much hope of adoption. A cat about to give birth was found in the market and brought by the founder to the cattery. The veterinarian performed a caesarian. The kittens were stillborn.

City animal Pound :

On March 12, 41 dogs remaining of the 67 rounded up on February 2 were removed from the pound after an intensive fast of 5 weeks. Three females gave birth. The puppies were removed with their mothers for the fate which we discovered on December 28 last year. Very few dogs were retrieved by their owners; most died of starvation and thirst. Since August 25 last year, more than 750 dogs which had been sterilized, vaccinated, tattooed or not, were removed from the pound without the opportunity for adoption which is required by law. We lodged a complaint against the city veterinarian. The representative of the foundation, an embarrassing witness to the situation, has been forbidden to enter the pound since September 20 last year.


We hope for a fast settlement because the suffering of dogs illegally and deliberately starved is unbearable for us.
Starved to death after several weeks of fasting

Three bitches gave birth during impoundment


2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

Apart from the new outside corrals, no change worthy of note …

Carabaos :

It was too nice to last! Back to their old bad habits. We see that the dealers, imposing their own law, have again loaded 10 carabaos instead of the 9 prescribed by law into the vans. And this with the blessing of the provincial veterinarian. We are in talks with the authorities to put an end to this uncomfortable situation for the animals.

Overloaded vans

This quarter, to our knowledge, at least 480 carabaos were sent from Palawan to Manila. The reports of the slaughterhouse and the municipalities of the North and the South are incomplete.

Our carabaos :



We dewormed all our carabaos from the South on March 25.

We have not found the second carabao offered by Madam Paulette Begon, our voluntary translator yet. There are many farmers applying to us but unfortunately we cannot satisfy their requests because, as a result of the exports, the prices are very high.



3. Wildlife .

No action on wildlife during the quarter.



Sterilizations   1st Trimester 2018 Since June 1999
- dogs   117 fem.  32 males  7.106 fem.  1.481 males 
- cats     51 fem.  19 males 3.487 fem.     862 males 

Sixty minor treatments prescribed by the veterinarians for companion animals and our carabaos were accomplished.

Four dogs and 2 cats have been adopted after sterilization, tattooing and vaccination against rabies.

Cattery : 45 impounded - 40 returned - 2 adopted - 5 waiting for adoption - 3 kittens dead.

Tattoo :
151  - TOTAL :

Abandoned :
2 dogs and 5 cats

Anti-rabies vaccines other than dogs from the pound : 83


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 10.593  females dogs and cats and 2.343 males and tattooed and registered 10.486 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have been active in obtaining the passage of national and local laws regarding the welfare, regulation of transport, and slaughter of carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded with greater competence
Ø We bought  92 carabaos


Ø Obtaining of a moratorium banning the slaughter of carabaos
Ø Obtaining the enforcement of Animal Welfare for all animals everywhere it is needed

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


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