NEWS :  

Newsletter of First Quarter 2021.

1. Companion animals

Sterilizations :   

A satisfactory first quarter with 312 sterilizations mostly female. Fifty-two female dogs, twenty female cats and thirty-four males were castrated at El Nido on February 21.

« Animal Welfare El Nido »,
a particularly motivated and effective group

Cattery :

Even if they come to us with their mother, the kittens do not survive despite our medical care.

Animal Pound :

Out of action for Covid 19! We have twice written to the manager of tourism in Barangay Cabayugan where, as a result of the enforced absence of tourists, no one takes care of the abandoned and starving dogs. We have received no response to our proposal for a free sterilization/vaccination campaign.

2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

It was a big surprise: a new director has been appointed. He has acquired a government-recommended tagger/tattooist to avoid marking pigs with a razor blade.

The law

d   v
With tagger

Before the tagger

The ramps have been made non-slip to avoid the animals slipping and the numbers of pigs are evenly distributed, avoiding overpopulation of the corrals.

s   a

A chute was set up to allow for palpating females suspected of pregnancy. The icing on the cake - since there is nothing more to hide, the founder is welcome to visit and her comments are received with interest.

While remaining a harmful, cruel and useless place we hope for a significant improvement for the welfare of the animals sacrificed on the altar of gluttony.


Carabaos :

During slaughterhouse visits, we “supervise” animal documents, especially the rare carabaos and share our observations which are often taken into consideration by the person responsible for acceptance.

We saw the departure of 631 carabaos from Puerto Princesa and Narra. We know that 797 permits were issued this quarter for the north and south of the province, but we do not know how many were shipped.


Our carabaos :

We visited the carabaos of the south. The four recent transfers of which Lucky was bought by Madame Wernert have accommodated themselves well to their new life and their new working companion.

We collected fecal samples and most were positive for liver flukes

Our chickenhouse :

We bought three retired hens.

Our goats :

Our goats are doing well.


Research :

The end of the year 2020 was marked by the good news of the final obtention of the Gratuitous Wildlife Research Permit (delivered by the PCSD). This permit finally allows us, in partnership with ABConservation, to start scientific research to better understand the behavior of the binturong, Arctictis binturong. This research has only conservational purpose: have a better knowledge of the needs of the binturong to implement more efficient protection actions.
Early February, our employee Jib went then in the forest, accompanied by two local guides to try to trap a binturong. This phase is really critical because the trapping has to be done without harming any animal. Adapted traps (see below) have thus been built specifically for the trapping. The animal, after being caught, would have been equipped with a tracker collar (with both VHF and GPS) to be followed and carefully observed for 6 months.
Unfortunately, no animal has be caught for now, even if some squirrels seem to like the baits of our traps! Nonetheless, our presence in the area helped in another way. Indeed, some poaching has been reported to us nearby the study site and if we arrived to late for the binturong caught by local inhabitants (which has unfortunately been eaten, Jib worked for the release of a pangolin taken in a string trap. At least, this one has found his way back to freedom !

Rescue :

We have been contacted on February 13th by a French living in Port Barton area. He reported being in possession of two baby civets, given by locals who found them in the forest, and wanted to give it back to qualified persons who could take care of them and release them in the wild once they would be strong enough.
As a reminder, possessing wildlife is strictly prohibited in the Philippines. We contacted thus the local enforcers in charge of this regulation, but they could not intervene because of the covid situation. Luckily, two volunteers from Port Barton, Jacqueline and Rob, took the civets with them to the PCSD. The civets were then turned to the PWRCC, which is the only rescue center of Palawan. Thanks to the later, one of the civets, which has eyes issues, was treated and they are now both growing peacefully, waiting to be big enough to be wild again.


Sterilizations   1st Quarter 2021 Since June 1999
- dogs   103 females   24 males  9.056 females  1.919 males 
- cats   175 females   10 males 5.014 females  1.071 males 

Ninety four minor treatments prescribed by the veterinarians for companion animals and our carabaos were accomplished.

Nine dogs and four cats have been adopted after sterilization, tattooing and vaccinated against rabies.

Cattery : 3 waiting for adoption

Tattoo :
47 male and 103 female dogs - TOTAL : 13.005

Abandoned :
2 dogs and 23 cats

Antirabies vaccines aside of the animal pound : 140 dogs

Retrieved at the dog pound : 1 dog


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 14.070  females dogs and cats and 2.990 males and tattooed and registered 13.005 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have been active in obtaining the passage of national and local laws regarding welfare, regulation of transport, and slaughter of carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded with greater competence
Ø We bought  96 carabaos


Ø Obtaining of a moratorium banning the slaughter of carabaos
Ø Obtaining the enforcement of Animal Welfare for all animals everywhere it is needed

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


000-1437964-36 Palawan Animal welfare Foundation, Inc.
(IBAN BE46 0001 4379 6436)  BIC: BPOTBEB1
BPOST BANK 1000 Brussels



Details of the annual general assembly meeting were announced to all members by emailed/hand-delivered mail.


Present :

Ma Victoria  Crizaldo        
Leslie Ann Cruz
Danilo Hiceta
Jackie Baut                            


Represented :

Willy Leblanc
Paulette Begon
Sabine Nicolaus
Gérard de Biolley
Martine Wernert

Danielle Liberton
Nicole Verbist
Nancy Van de Poel
Ditas Borcard
Eva Mora Martinez

Jannine Hermann
Michel Cabuquidt
Lesley Ann D. Cruz


Nicole Fowler
Victoria Canovas

The foundation had 20 registered members in 2020; thus the requirements for legal attendance were met

Agenda :

1. Reading of the President’s report.
2.The minutes of the meeting of March 26, 2020 were unanimously approved.
3.The 2020 financial report was unanimously approved.
4. The financial plan for 2021 was unanimously approved
5.The report of activities in 2020 was also approved unanimously
6.The new Board is as follows :

Mary Victoria Crizaldo, President
Lesley Ann Cruz, Vice President
Danilo Hiceta, Secretary
Ms. Jackie Baut, Treasurer
Michel Cabuquid, Board Member

Other matters :

We met with people interested in creating a branch in other cities. We inquired with a lawyer from the SEC who confirmed that the foundation covers the whole country and that branches must be decided by the Board of Directors establishing all the operating details and the identity of a director.

We expect to develop this possibility as soon as mobility is restored

Board Resolutions :

The members of the Board are unanimous in their decision that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall the carabaos owned by the foundation either be used for breeding or be sold.

The Board has decided unanimously that the membership fees shall remain: 400, 1.000, 3.000 and 15.000 pesos in the Philippines and 15, 25, 125 and 450 USD/EUR abroad. Reference to "sympathizer" may equally be used for "family".

The official address is Purok Pag Asa Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City and the phone number remains +63 (0) 928 503 4395.

The email address is: and the website is:

The Board has decided unanimously that the signatories of the bank accounts shall continue to be the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary.

The “Maestro” card from the Belgian account 000 1437964 36 and prepaid credit cards shall be used by the Treasurer. The President and the Secretary also know the pin codes.

The members of the Board have been informed that the founder will not call for a meeting before next annual general meeting in March 2020. Every quarter a bulletin reporting activities and the financial situation will be sent to the Board, members and supporters (“sympathizers”). If a member of the Board has any comment, reaction, suggestion or objection in relation to the reports, that person may call for an extraordinary meeting.

After all subjects were discussed, the meeting came to a close.



Mary Victoria Crizaldo
Lesley Ann Cruz
Vice President
Jacqueline L Baut

Danilo Hiceta

Michel Cabuquid  
Board Member