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2d Quarterly Report 2018.

1. Companions .

Sterilizations :

We were invited for seventh time to El Nido on June 30th and July 1st. Our two usual veterinarians answered presents. We were able to sterilize 33 dogs, 45 dogs, 17 cats and 8 cats. We vaccinated 81 dogs and 10 cats against the rabies and tattooed 82 dogs.

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All of the expenses were supported by a generous sponsor. Our present organizer Mariglo Laririt in her post of secretary and her very effective team of secretaries, catchers of animals, driver struggled to bring to a successful conclusion this outstanding activity.

Cattery :

Fifteen kittens abandoned, found in the street have been sheltered by PAWFI. Unfortunately, too young, they did not survive.

Animal Pound :



Catching decreased but yet we were able to count more or less 232 dogs impounded this quarter.

On June 25th we had a meeting with the city veterinarian, the president of PAWFI and the person in charge of the pound in the department of the Interior. We suggested participating in all the campaigns of sterilization organized by the City Veterinarians to sterilize females and tattoo all the dogs. As counterpart, we receive all the dogs of the pound like that passed with no problem at all during 7 last years.

We received, at first, the last surviving puppy while the mother was dying. Our president was made an enjoyment adopt him. From now we are authorized to enter the pound, the president and the founder are nourishing the dogs.

Being at the end of live, certain dogs refused to eat.


2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

No change as far.

Carabaos :

This time it seems that we take the right direction towards a return to normal grace (favor) has the intervention of the coastguards. We met the person in charge of the shipping company who refused to submit himself to the law, encouraged by the veterinarian of the province. It is not made yet but there is a severe hope. This quarter, to our knowledge, at least 1.297 (!) carabaos were sent from Palawan to Manila. The reports of the slaughterhouse incomplete but slaughter are rare there.

Our carabaos :

All our carabaos are in good shape. Most of them rest while waiting for the harvest of the rice

3. Wildlife .

No action on wildlife during the quarter.



Sterilizations   2d Trimester 2018 Since June 1999
- dogs   95 fem.  25 males  7.201 fem.  1.506 males 
- cats   91 fem.  13 males 3.578 fem.     875 males 

Fifty minor treatments prescribed by the veterinarians for companion animals and our carabaos were accomplished.

Three dogs have been adopted after sterilization, tattooing and vaccination against rabies.

Cattery : 81 impounded - 78 returned - 7 kittens dead - 2 waiting for adoption

Tattoo :
111  - TOTAL :

Abandoned :
6 dogs and 15 kittens

Anti-rabies vaccines other than dogs from the pound : 79


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 10.779  females dogs and cats and 2.383 males and tattooed and registered 10.597 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have been active in obtaining the passage of national and local laws regarding the welfare, regulation of transport, and slaughter of carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded with greater competence
Ø We bought  92 carabaos


Ø Obtaining of a moratorium banning the slaughter of carabaos
Ø Obtaining the enforcement of Animal Welfare for all animals everywhere it is needed

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


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