The founder : 

It is a particular craze for the Philippines and a unlimited love for the animals who brought Jackie Baut to follow her passion to Palawan, a small island located at the north of Borneo.  There, this former active member of the associations "Gaia" and "Animaux en Peril" in Belgium, devote oneself on the field easing the misery of the abandoned and mistreated animals.  Palawan is the most beautiful, the most intact and the 
most authentic area of this wonderful country.  Also the most difficult to bring such projects to their successful conclusion. 

The first objective was to rehabilitate the illegally detained wildlife, but very soon, she realized that the stray dogs also need urgently to be rescued.  She established in cooperation with the City veterinaries and Dr. Danilo Quintero a mobile clinic in order to neuter the dogs and the cat. 

In order to be recognized by the government, she create in March 2000 a foundation called "Palawan Animal Welfare Association, Inc" 

In March 2001, she started to implement a new project in order to rescue the carabaos (Asian water buffaloes).  Petitions, protesting letter to the department of Agriculture and purchase of carabaos and land aiming to establish a sanctuary for the retired one are scheduled. 

Also, she visits regularly the slaughterhouse in order to soothe the suffering of the tortured animals sacrificed on the greedily altar.