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Fourth Quarter 2023 Bulletin.

1. Companion animals

Sterilizations : 

Despite the drastic slowdown due to lack of funds, we ended the year with a record result of 1,695 sterilizations including 729 female dogs and 819 female cats. At the same period in 2022 we had reached 1,211 sterilizations including 630 female dogs and 475 female cats. The donors are not sufficiently generous and it is the founder who uses her (limited) means to continue this important activity.

Two of our long-standing sponsors are still hesitant and the absence of this help on which we were counting means we are unable to resume full-time sterilizations.

In Puerto Princesa the city veterinarians continue to castrate the males every Friday. We provide tranquilizers, local anesthesia and analgesics. This year they operated on 155 dogs for a total of 1,702 kg and 380 cats for a total of 910 kg

Cattery :

The cat destined for export embarked without any problem on December 5 for England. The adopters were delighted to receive her in Manila after waiting 4 months for the preparation of the documents.

We got the last two cats out of the cattery. There is now only one pretty white female who does not like to be outside.

Pound :

Ninety two catches for this quarter

2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :



Once again, the animals and especially the pigs suffered an unusual congestion on the ante-mortem side on 23 and 30 December.

For cattle we did not find any abuse during the killing. The same is not true for the pigs, which are subject to more ill-treatment than necessary. We reported our observations to the city veterinarian who committed, as she always does, to take the necessary steps.

Carabaos :

The reinstatement of PAWFI to the animal welfare committee has not taken place and the president has appointed a new minister. So we go back to square one, which is to send the letters to another addressee and call to introduce ourselves to the new people.

The age at which carabaos are slaughtered remains unchanged and due to the intensive slaughter of these animals, rice is imported from Vietnam where farmers plough with two carabaos as in China and India

Our umpteenth letter to the President and his collaborators for the cause of the carabaos and thus of the development of agriculture remains unanswered but we have not given up hope of seeing it land in more favorable hands.

Despite our protests, the animals are still cruelly tied with their noses high in the air.



This quarter a total of 1,425 carabaos were shipped to Manila, to corned beef processing plants, without the presence of veterinarians as required by law.

No carabaos were registered at the Puerto Princesa slaughterhouse.

A total of more than 5,150 carabaos of all ages were exported from Palawan this year to the detriment of farmers and especially agriculture.


Our carabaos :


Atos suffered from acute diarrhea.

We were able to treat him and then deworm him.

We had the pleasure of acquiring ZEUS male 2 years, half-brother of Ekla.

The seller is the adopter.


Poultry :





Our remaining hens are doing well. We were lucky we didn’t have more damage.


Our goats :

Our goats are clearing the brush, to the great satisfaction of the adopter.


The team has grown even more in recent months. Joshua came for a two-month scientific internship, until December, and helped create a radiotracking protocol. Mya, a teaching intern, also stayed with us for a few months. She led actions in Manila, where she was conducting a university exchange. But many difficulties opposed her.

In November, the team participated in the Subaraw Biodiversity Festival. We went to Sabang for 2 days. We also participated in a wildlife photo exhibition at Robinsons Malls in Puerto Princesa.

At the end of November, Ameline and Élise arrived together and have rather versatile missions: Élise is a project assistant. She works mainly on the communication and educational matters. Elise also helps our renovation manager at PWRCC, Dimitri. For example, a renovated cage to accommodate several binturongs was finished, and the vegetable garden is starting to give some results! Thanks to the work of our volunteers and volunteers coming to help us, things are moving faster! Ameline is the project manager. She deals with administration and partnership relations, and also with the search for funding. Ameline also helps with all our programs: the educational project, led by Sarah, the PWRCC renovation project and the scientific project.

At the level of the scientific program, the situation has evolved. Exploration continued in order to locate trees that could accommodate new camera traps. The team went out into the field in December, and we got photos of binturongs! In total during the year, binturongs were observed 3 times. On a less positive note, some of the equipment for radio tracking is defective; we must buy a VHF receiver capable of detecting the signal emitted by the GPS collar. This will delay the start of the study, unfortunately. But its launch is approaching! This year, we will also return to one of our former study sites: Langogan. A deal was made with the Barangay. Returning there will allow us to compare binturong detections before/after Typhoon Odette (2021). Marlon, our guide between 2017 and 2019, who has been working with us for some months, remembers the location of each camera, which will be very useful for us in conducting a comparative study.

The 2024 schedule is coming together gradually, and the year promises to be full !


Sterilizations  4th Quarter 2023 Since June 1999
- dogs  130 females   7 males  11.015 females  2.116 males 
- cats  143 females   3 males 16.836 females  1.244 males 

Eighty-two minor treatments prescribed by veterinarian for pets and our carabaos have been accomplished.

Cattery : Tokyo, the cat we have been preparing since August embarked on December 5 and is arrived safely in England. The adopter picked her up in Manila where we brought her and proceeded to obtain the exit permit. There’s only one sterilized female left in the cattery; both males are now outside

Tattoo : 116 dogs - TOTAL : 15.014

Abandonment :
a kitten that did not survive

Rabies vaccines : 69

Recovered from the pound : 92


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 17.851  bitches and pussies combined and 3.360 males and tattooed and registered 15.014 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have obtained national and local welfare laws to regulate the transport and slaughter of carabaos
Ø We got a provincial resolution to improve documents for large farm animals especially carabaos
Ø Carabaos are no longer injured during road transport and are loaded and unloaded competently
Ø We bought  105 carabaos
Ø Without being an idyllic place, all our requests for the improvement of animal welfare during acceptance (additional water sources, various repairs, anti-slip ramps, repair of vehicle floors) are granted as soon as possible.


Ø Obtaining a National Moratorium Prohibiting the Slaughter of Carabaos
Ø The application of the law on welfare for all animals throughout the country

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,