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Newsletter of First Quarter 2023.

1. Companion animals

Sterilizations : 

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The absence of our primary veterinarian continues to affect this important activity. However, we found an experienced veterinarian to help out the El Nido group and went ahead with two new venues in Coron - two tourist destinations.

As usual, the El Nido organisers distinguished themselves with their competence in terms of organization. From 25 to 31 March, PAWFI operated on a total of 143 females and 8 males in 4 different locations.

The municipal veterinary service took advantage of the event to vaccinate against rabies all dogs and cats present during the 4 days of activity. An excellent cooperation !

In Puerto Princesa, the town’s veterinarians continue to castrate the males every Friday.


Cattery :

An adoption and a missing cat….


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Dog pound :

Catches are limited. This quarter 40 dogs were impounded.

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2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :




The new slaughterhouse scheduled to open in August 2021 is still inaccessible.

We deplore an abundance of pigs difficult to put in the corrals where they must spend at least 6 hours before slaughter. This situation is more stressful than relaxing.

Carabaos :

Our ideas for a census and a project for the dispersal of carabaos to indigent farmers are working their way through at national level.


c   a   s

We were contacted by someone from the president’s office in connection with developing a bill to amend the act to limit the age of slaughter of carabaos and to prohibit their movement during the census. We are very optimistic.

We have not followed up on site the boarding of carabaos but we are regularly informed from a reliable source of the number of carabaos exported.

This quarter 617 carabaos were shipped from Liminangcong to Manila for the manufacture of corned beef.

Our carabaos :

We undertook to deworm all our carabaos using a vermifuge that we had not yet used and which is proving very effective. We do faecal analysis before and 15 days after application.

All positive results from before the deworming are negative 15 days later.


Our henhouse :

One of our chickens has maternal instincts so we bought a chick that we placed with her during the night. Mother and child are doing well.


Bearcat Study Program: Our scientific program continues to progress and follow its path in this 1st half of 2023.


First there was a change of team: Aymeric and Rollyna; the scientific manager and assistant scientist finished their missions in January and were replaced by Eléa and Reziel. The handover took place in January. Welcome to them 


The scientific team works within the PFFWR: Palawan Flora and Fauna Watershed Reserve. Cameras have been installed in the trees and the team is starting to analyse the first data. We hope soon to have photos of Binturong to share! In addition, the team continues to explore the area, going deeper into the forest to better prepare the radio tracking: catch and follow of a Binturong for 6 months in its natural environment.

PWRCC: Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Our team works actively to help improve the living conditions of the animals that are present in the animal park. In January we finished repairing the first cage that now houses 9 «blue naped parrots», or Luzon parakeet. The team is now working to restore a large cage that should accommodate 5 to 6 Binturongs.



Education: we participated in several events organized by partners during this first trimester: crocodile week, the anniversary of the Sabang underground river, the Philippines State University festival. Each time we had a stand and through photos, fun activities, small conferences and games we made the public aware of environmental issues and conservation.

We are starting this second quarter 2023 with our big project: the World Binturong Day. We are going to hold a big event here in Palawan but, in all the world, zoological parks will participate in this event. So do go and see if this Saturday, May 13, there’s an event near you !



Sterilizations  1st Quarter 2023 Since June 1999
- dogs   202 females   10 males  10.488 females  2.030 males 
- cats    214 females   3 males 6.231 females  1.178 males 

Sixty-three minor veterinary prescribed treatments for pets and our carabaos have been completed.

Cattery : A cat and her three kittens were brought to us.

Tattoo : 139 dogs - TOTAL : 14.450

Abandonment :
two kittens found that did not survive

Rabies vaccines :13

Recovered from the pound : 40


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 16.719  bitches and pussies combined and 3.226 males and tattooed and registered 14.450 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have obtained national and local welfare laws to regulate the transport and slaughter of carabaos
Ø We got a provincial resolution to improve documents for large farm animals especially carabaos
Ø Carabaos are no longer injured during road transport and are loaded and unloaded competently
Ø We bought  100 carabaos
Ø Without being an idyllic place, all our requests for improved animal welfare during acceptance (additional water sources, various repairs, anti-slip ramps, repair of vehicle floors) are quickly granted.


Ø Obtaining a National Moratorium Prohibiting the Slaughter of Carabaos
Ø Animal welfare law enforcement for all animals across the country

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,