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Newsletter of Second Quarter 2022.

1. Companion animals

El Nido Animal Welfare Branch :

The El Nido branch was unable to organize a sterilization campaign during the second trimester, due to the lack of veterinarians available to come to El Nido. We urgently need to find a long-term solution for mass sterilization, given the disconcerting number of stray animals. The team of active members is still very small and we hope to be able to put together a new team as soon as possible and develop sustainable projects.

The still active volunteer continues to help the injured and sick stray dogs and cats and responds to the many requests for help or advice on the Facebook page, as well as dealing with the growing demand for help from tourists wanting to help street dogs and the many orphaned kittens.

Sterilizations : 

This quarter has been very quiet for sterilizations. The town’s veterinarians operate free of charge every Friday under the leadership of Dr Danilo Quintero. We are participating in this excellent initiative by providing free anaesthetics.

With 21 vials they sterilized 76 bitches and female and male cats for a total of 450 Kg.

Cattery :

Two adults and 5 kittens populate the cattery. Five other kittens were placed outside where they have fun days.

Pund :

After a brief attempt, it turned out to be too complicated to send all the dogs from the Puerto Princesa pound to Port Barton while their masters ask only to recover them and the dogs to find their masters. We will limit ourselves to sending only those few which are too old or in a bad condition, in short those that would otherwise be euthanised.

2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

We have finally managed to have the periodic presence of the police for the arrival of the animals and we have given them a list of the sections of the law to watch. We made repeated requests In cooperation with the city veterinarians and the director of the slaughterhouse. They visited for the first time when the animals were arriving and checked some of the documents. We are hoping to receive police reports of future visits on a regular basis.

While remaining a nasty, cruel and useless place we see a noticeable improvement for the welfare of the animals sacrificed on the altar of gluttony.

Carabaos :

We went for the first time on June 26 to Liminangcong in the north of the province where the carabaos leave for Manila.

The boat is accredited by the Bureau Animal Industry and a representative of the Provincial Veterinarians was present. However, he did not take any measures to prevent the 10 carabaos that were too young (aged 3 to 6) nor to enforce the loading of food necessary for the 27-30 hour trip.

We know that 1,121 licences have been issued this quarter for the north and south of the province, but we don’t know how many animals have been shipped.

Our carabaos :


On May 18 Icarus joined the Street Dog Sanctuary

in Port Barton where, as agreed with the buyer Yolanda Cabiguen, he will help the carabao Daisy to transport food for the dogs, water and equipment and also tourists wishing to visit the place, from the river to the sanctuary, an 800-meter journey inaccessible to other vehicles.

On June 21 we brought back Ganesh who has a dislocated shoulder and we entrusted him to the good care of a farmer whom we pay to take care of carabaos too young, too old or disabled.

Our henhouse :

With the release of culled hens awaited, we purchased 16 weeks old laying hens. The goal is of course to offer them a happy hens life where they enjoy plenty of space and the guarantee they’re not to be killed. In addition, the people who buy their eggs are not consuming factory eggs… a drop in the ocean like Pierre Rabhi’s hummingbird.

Our goats :

Tierce was found dead and we don’t know the cause.



The PAWFI Wildlife branch team has finalized the latest partnerships for the cameraman and the Binturong trapping in El Nido: we have an agreement with 2 veterinarians to sedate the animal during its capture. We have all official authorizations (DENR/Barangay/PCSD). We also had a shelter built where the team will be able to sleep. In addition the team has spent 2 weeks there on 3 occasions, to do all the preparatory fieldwork.
We are therefore ready to start the Binturong trapping at the end of July.

We are also in the process of conducting the scientific study on another area: the PFFWR, located in the municipality of Puerto Princesa. All we need now is the IP agreement: indigenous people.

A Filipino intern on the scientific mission arrived in June and another one expected to arrive in July. In addition 2 trainee veterinarians will be there in July.

Civic Service: Priscylia will arrive on July 14.



Sterilizations  2d Quarter 2022 Since June 1999
- dogs   260 females     0 males  9.987 females  2.011 males 
- cats    924 females  20 males 5.768 females  1.150 males 

One hundred and twenty-seven minor veterinary treatments prescribed for companion animals and our carabaos have been completed.

A dog was adopted after being sterilized, tattooed and vaccinated against rabies.

Cattery : 6 cats awaiting adoption, 4 dead kittens

Tattoo : 225 dogs - TOTAL : 13.955

Abandonment :
12 dogs and 23 cats

Antirabies : 97 dogs


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 15.755  bitches and pussies combined and 3.161 males and tattooed and registered 13.955 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have obtained national and local welfare laws to regulate the transport and slaughter of carabaos
Ø We obtained a provincial resolution to improve the documents of large farm animals especially carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded competently
Ø We bought  98 carabaos
Ø Without however being an idyllic place, all our requests for the improvement of animal welfare during acceptance (additional water sources, various repairs, anti-slip ramps, repair of vehicle floors) are granted as soon as possible.


Ø Obtaining a National Moratorium Prohibiting the Slaughter of Carabaos
Ø Animal welfare law enforcement for all animals across the country

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


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