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Newsletter of Third Quarter 2022.

1. Companion animals

El Nido Animal Welfare Branch

The El Nido branch was able to organize a day of sterilization on July 3 in Lio - El Nido, during which 132 animals were sterilized: 53 bitches and 42 female cats, as well as 19 dogs and 18 male cats.


The day was facilitated by our partner Kalye Artisano, who hosted the activity on their premises and prepared everything so that we no longer have to do more than just put our supplies and equipment down and start work.

Staff were also available to help our team and their catching team had already captured bitches and street cats to sterilize. What valuable support !

Our active volunteer continues to help stray dogs/cats, injured or sick, and responds to the many requests for help from pet owners on the Facebook page, and tourists wanting to help street dogs. Hopefully new and reliable people can join her and create a new team of volunteers.

Sterilizations : 

The absence of our main veterinarian slightly affected our usual score despite a particularly fruitful Sunday, August 28. A single veterinarian sterilized 54 females and one male.

Demands are multiplying and unfortunately, for lack of financial means, we will have to slow down operations that are useful for the regulation of the canine and feline population and the eradication of rabies.

American veterinarians came to operate with the city veterinarians who are themselves very active: every Friday they operate - mainly males but also many females.

Again, this quarter, we participated in this excellent initiative by providing free anesthetics.

With 35 ampoules they sterilized 238 bitches, female and male cats for a total of 1,101 Kg.

Cattery :



The cattery is temporarily empty. The kittens were too young and did not survive, one cat was adopted and the 5 adults are outside enjoying the land and its inhabitants… This time we have no choice: a bike race and running will take place during 3 days from 13 November in the city streets. It goes without saying that no dog will be tolerated on the race track. Fortunately, the Street Dog Sanctuary» led by Rob and Jacq Martin in Port Barton agreed to be part of the event by collecting the dogs not claimed by their owners. The town’s veterinarians are in charge of castrating the males and giving two vaccines, the foundation is in charge of sterilizing, tattooing and sending the dogs to Port Barton and Street Dog Sanctuary welcomes a hundred dogs and returns the cages to Puerto Princesa. Super cooperation between public and private sectors.





2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

The end of the year is approaching and unfortunately, due to lack of water purifier forgotten in the estimate, so the budget, the new slaughterhouse will not be accessible yet this year.

It is thus piled up in corrals too small for the number that the pigs will finish their sad life of martyrs to gluttony.

Carabaos :

We continue to participate in the weekly loading of carabaos leaving for Manila for the manufacturing of corned beef.

July 24 was the height of cruelty to these adorable animals. Tied high by the nose, without food or water, and unable to lie down, they set sail for a 30-hour journey following the 10 to 12-hour wait for departure.

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We report incidents to the relevant Bureau each week on violations of existing laws. Our letters remain without response, worse without action.

In addition, this same Office sends certificates saying that our organization and especially its founder are not authorized to inspect animals. We do not know that, in 2004, the province passed a law including the foundation to the inspection group for carabaos shipments.

We know that 1,202 permits have been granted this quarter for the north and south of the province and we have a better approach to the number shipped which amounts to at least 1,137 carabaos.

Our carabaos :


Six southern carabaos were dewormed. Two were absent and Anatta and Puti left us on the 4th and 10th May, both at the age of 22.

Icarus does wonders at the sanctuary in Port Barton. He transports the collected food and dogs and makes the happiness of Jacq Martin, who rides him gently.

Ganesh unfortunately did not survive and died on August 28 at the age of 20.



Our henhouse :

We have symbolically bought three chickens out of the industrial layers’ hell.

We also acquired 15 hens from industrial laying. Without being the main goal we sell the eggs which allow us in part to buy seeds. For the maintenance of fences damaged by typhoons and other disadvantages, the founder pays from her own pocket !

They are in poor condition and we wish them a quick recovery with their predecessors.

Our goats :

The two remaining goats are doing well. We have abandoned this project of buying goats for slaughter because we have suffered robberies that have annihilated our efforts.



Sterilizations  3th Quarter 2022 Since June 1999
- dogs   150 females   23 males  10.137 females  2.030 males 
- cats    125 females  19 males 5.893 females  1.169 males 

Seventy-two minor treatments prescribed by veterinarian for pets and our carabaos have been completed.

Cattery : seven kittens and a mother were abandonned - 6 cats awaiting adoption - 4 dead kittens

Tattoo : 229 dogs - TOTAL : 14.184

Abandonment :
6 kittens and a mother

Rabies vaccines :114 dogs


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 15.678  bitches and pussies combined and 3.183 males and tattooed and registered 14.184 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have obtained national and local welfare laws to regulate the transport and slaughter of carabaos
Ø We obtained a provincial resolution to improve the documents of large farm animals especially carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded competently
Ø We bought  98 carabaos
Ø Without however being an idyllic place, all our requests for the improvement of animal welfare during acceptance (additional water sources, various repairs, anti-slip ramps, repair of vehicle floors) are granted as soon as possible.


Ø Obtaining a National Moratorium Prohibiting the Slaughter of Carabaos
Ø Animal welfare law enforcement for all animals across the country

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


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