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Newsletter of First Quarter 2022.

1. Companion animals

El Nido Animal Welfare Branch :

Sterilization was organized with their help on March 6 at the High School of El Nido during which 119 dogs and cats were sterilized: 66 bitches, 5 dogs, 42 cats and 6 cats. 57 dogs were vaccinated against rabies.

On that day, Kalye Artisano formed a "catching team" that was able to catch stray bitches to sterilize.




We are always called upon to provide assistance to stray dogs and respond to numerous requests for assistance or advice to the owners of dogs/cats in the area. The only veterinary clinic in El Nido having closed permanently, they are deprived in case of accident or disease of their pet. It also weakens our efforts to help injured animals and further strengthens our want to recruit a veterinarian when the financial support will allow it.


Sterilizations : 

March was particularly fruitful. We went to El Nido on the 6th and to Port Barton on the 27th.

On the other hand the town’s veterinarians operate free of charge every Friday under the leadership of Doctor Quintero. We are participating in this excellent initiative by providing free anesthetics.

With 26 vials they sterilized 243 female dogs and cats and male cats.

Cattery :

Two adults and 5 kittens populate the cattery. Five other kittens were placed outside.

Impound :

A few dogs were impounded during the quarter. We have received a proposal

welcome from «Street Dogs Sanctuary» masterfully directed with strong sponsors by Jacqueline and Rob Martin in Port Barton. The project is under review.


2. Farm animals.

Slaughterhouse :

The situation is improving while waiting for the new slaughterhouse: an additional corral has been granted to pigs destined for the new market without depriving other animals of minimum comfort.

Vehicles with damaged floors are repaired quickly. The merchants, with three exceptions, cooperated graciously.

While remaining a harmful, cruel and unnecessary place we see a significant improvement for the welfare of the animals sacrificed on the altar of gluttony.

Carabaos :

All carabaos are loaded in the north of the province, avoiding the legitimate control of our representative.

We know that 323 licences have been issued this quarter for the north and south of the province, but we don’t know how many have been shipped.

On the other hand, we finally received from a reliable source the list of carabaos shipped from Palawan to Manila. The total is 2,390 head in 2020 and 3,968 in 2021.

Our carabaos :


A newcomer: Icarus, 5-year-old (very lean) male bought at a high price at the slaughterhouse. Fortunately a sponsor offered us the sum on condition that our new acquisition joins the sanctuary «Street Dogs Santuary» which we have accepted. It’s being prepared at our designated farmer’s. He was tagged, vaccinated against tetanus, tagged, vitamin and dewormed. He will be castrated and transported to Port Barton as soon as he recovers.


Icarus, male of 5 years

The 13 southern carabaos were dewormed on 26 March. We are considering bringing back Ganesh who is no longer able to work probably because of excessive effort. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as zero risk adoption.

Our henhouse :

Some old chickens are dead. They are recycled into dog food. We are waiting for a next outing to renew our herd.

Our goats :

Third’s leg wound is open again. We’re starting the treatment again.



We have started the first procedures to obtain the authorization to move and install cameras in the study areas: we are waiting for the final agreements. Finalized for El Nido and still waiting for the Irawan/Iwahig site.

We built a shelter in the forest in El Nido and explored and identified potential sites for the installation of cameras. The next step for El Nido and the installation of the cameras in the trees. The site of Irawan/Iwahig is longer to start (we are waiting for the last authorization: that of the indigenous peoples).

We have established a scientific committee to monitor the progress of the project.

That’s on the scientific side. On the communication/education aspect we have a meeting (zoom) this week with the students of the ISM (International School of Manila) to present the binturong and the association. We have the recruitment of a civic service that enters its final phase, normally arrived in June (but without certainty)


Sterilizations   1st Quarter 2022 Since June 1999
- dogs   199 females   25 males  9.727 females  2.011 males 
- cats   134 females   20 males 5.676 females  1.130 males 

Seventy minor treatments prescribed by veterinarian for pets and our carabaos have been completed.

Five dogs were adopted after being sterilized, tattooed and vaccinated against rabies.

Cattery :  10 cats waiting for adoption

Tattoo : 244 dogs - TOTAL : 13.730

Abandon :
9 dogs and 3 cats

Antirabies : 306 dogs


Ø Since the creation of the foundation in March 2000, we have sterilized 15.403  bitches and pussies combined and 3.141 males and tattooed and registered 13.730 dogs principally in Palawan
Ø We have been active in obtaining the passage of national and local laws regarding welfare, regulation of transport, and slaughter of carabaos
Ø We got a provincial resolution to improve the large farm animal documents especially carabaos
Ø The carabaos are no longer injured during transport and they are loaded and unloaded competently
Ø We bought  98 carabaos


Ø Obtaining a National Moratorium Prohibiting the Slaughter of Carabaos
Ø Animal welfare law enforcement for all animals across the country

Prepared by : Jackie Baut,


000-1437964-36 Palawan Animal welfare Foundation, Inc.
(IBAN BE46 0001 4379 6436)  BIC: BPOTBEB1
BPOST BANK 1000 Brussels

President report of the year 2021 activities

This year we noticed an decrease of funds. We have received grants from some of our former sponsors: Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Scotland, the Foundation Richard Gaillard and. Alice Morgan Wright-Edith J. Goode Trust. The sponsorship of the last was recorded on January due to a clerical mistake. Many friends and regular supporters, local and from abroad and the founder have generously shouldered our activities but our income is largely insufficient to realize our projects. . A total of 830,906.00 pesos were received in 2021 compared to 1,408,630 in 2020.

Thanks to the generous support of those organizations and individuals including the founder, we were able to purchase the medicines needed for our spay/neuter activities and to pay the surgeons and assistant. We bought 1 carabao this year. We monitor the departure of all shipments from Puerto Princesa and collect information about the movements from North and South.

 And lastly, the tally of our main activity – the sterilization of pets – decreased compared to year 2020: All in all 1,418 sterilizations compared to 1,633 for the previous year. However the number of females largely increased. As always, we are again appealing to our members to connect with their close friends and family who might be interested in donating to PAWFI’s important work in the Philippines.  

We will continue our hard work defending, promoting, and implementing the welfare of non-human animals by educating and informing the public about the mistreatment of animals, speciesism, meat consumption, and encouraging respect for all lives and the humane regulation of the pet population by spaying and neutering rather than killing.  

Thank you for your interest and for everything that you do to help animals !   


Ma Victoria Crizaldo



Tous les membres ont été régulièrement convoqués soit par courrier soit par porteur.

L’assemblée a débuté à 14H30.

Présents :

Mary Crizaldo
Sylvia Bruel
Jacqueline Baut
  Danilo Hiceta
Ditas Borcard

Representés :

Willy Leblanc
Paulette Begon
Gérard de Biolley

Martine Wernert
Agathe Dubruille
Eva Mora Martinez

Jannine Hermann
Michel Cabuquidt
Lesley Ann D. Cruz

Absents : Nicole Fowler - Victotia Canovas

La fondation comptant 11 membres en 2021 le quota est représenté.

Agenda :

1. Lecture du rapport de la Présidente
2. Le PV de l’Assemblée générale du 25 mars 2021 a été approuvé à l’unanimité
3. Le rapport financier 2021 a été approuvé à l’unanimité
4. Le projet financier 2022 a été approuvé a l’unanimité
5. Le rapport des activités 2021 a été approuvé à l’unanimité
6. Le nouveau Conseil d’administration est composé comme suit :

Mme. Mary Victoria Crizaldo, Présidente
Mme. Lesley Ann Cruz, Vice Présidente
Dr. Danilo Hiceta, Secrétaire
Mme. Jackie Baut, trésorière
Mme. Michel Cabuquid, membre du Conseil

7. Divers : Aucune suggestion n'a été proposée.

Le Conseil décide :

Les membres du Conseil réitèrent à l’unanimité que les carabaos appartenant à la fondation ne seront ni soumis à la reproduction ni vendus EN AUCUN CAS.

Le Conseil décide à l’unanimité que les cotisations resteront: 400, 1.000, 3.000 et 15.000 pesos aux Philippines et 15, 25, 125 et 450 UDS/EUR à l’étranger. La mention “sympathisant” peut également valoir “familiale”.

L’adresse officielle est Purok Pag Asa Barangay Irawan Puerto Princesa City, et le no de téléphone reste +63 (0) 928 503 4395.

L’adresse courriel: web site:

Le conseil décide à l’unanimité que, comme auparavant, les signataires des comptes bancaires sont la trésorière et soit le président, soit la secrétaire.

La carte “Mastro” relative au compte 000 1437964 36 à la Banque de la Poste en Belgique sera utilisée par la trésorière. La présidente et le secrétaire ont connaissance du code.

Les membres du Conseil sont informés de ce que la fondatrice ne convoquera pas de réunion avant la prochaine Assemblée générale en mars 2023. Chaque trimestre un bulletin avec un rapport financier et d’activité sera adressé à l’ensemble des membres du Conseil, des membres et des sympathisants. Au cas où un membre du Conseil a un commentaire, une réaction, une suggestion ou une objection concernant ces rapports, il convoquera une réunion extraordinaire.

Tous les sujets ayant été épuisés, l’Assemblée générale est déclarée terminée à 15 :45.


Mary Victoria Crizaldo
Lesley Ann Cruz
Vice Présidente
Jacqueline L Baut

Danilo Hiceta

Michel Cabuquid 
Membre du Conseil